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Tattoo Lessons

It’s that time of the year when cable and streaming services are teeming with Holiday favorites. Within the dramas and comedies is one story that in addition to traditional life lessons, offers important takeaways for people who have been thinking about a tattoo. Is it Home Alone? Perhaps National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation? Or is it one of the Hallmark Channel’s latest releases? While each of these include revelations that may apply, they don’t tackle the topic quite like the ultimate classic – A Christmas Carol. Charles Dickens’ narrative with its three antagonizing specters function as an educational tale for anyone considering a tattoo. How? Let’s review!

How A Christmas Carol’s Ghosts of Past, Present, and Future Offer Valuable Lessons Regarding Your Tattoo

Ghost of Christmas Past

Does the Ghost of Christmas Past visit you every single day, each time you look in the mirror? If you have an old and unwanted tattoo, then you know what we’re referring to. There’s a clear lesson to be learned from this, beyond taking more care in selecting the tattoo studio (and artist) you visit for your next (as applicable) tattoo. You see, you no longer need to live with the Ghost of Christmas Past on your body. Thanks to state-of-the-art laser technology, you can have your regrettable tattoo removed more quickly and efficiently than ever before. View our laser tattoo removal video to see the before and after results.

Ghost of Christmas Present

With the Ghost of Christmas Past now gone and forgotten thanks to laser removal technology (for whomever it’s applicable to) you can now. focus on the present. To ensure you “live in the now” successfully, take your time to property vet studios and tattooists near you so that you make the right choice. We have created a guide for how to choose a tattoo studio, and another for how to choose a tattoo artist, which are referenced by thousands of people throughout Canada and the USA each month. Furthermore, take your time to read through our blog, which is loaded with insights and ideas for a tattoo best suited to you, today. Embrace the Ghost of Christmas Present by giving yourself the gift of a new tattoo that you’ll never regret!

Ghost of Christmas Future

When getting your new tattoo (as per above) be sure to embrace the Ghost of Christmas Future, as he/she may play a role in the design that you choose today. If you know that you want another tattoo (maybe many more) in the years to come, you can choose a small tattoo design today that can grow and become bigger as you get the money (and time) to expand your body ink horizons. For example, if you eventually want a sleeve tattoo, start with a small design that begins at the top (upper arm) or bottom (wrist) and work your way up or down accordingly as the years progress, Choose a design that works on its own, but one that will also make sense as it expands, such as organic designs (vines, flowers, etc.) or traditional Japanese tattoo style (koi, dragons, etc.).

Learn the tattoo lessons from the Ghost’s of Christmas Past, Present, and Future by booking your consultation for a tattoo (application or removal) this Holiday season. If located in the Greater Vancouver BC or Toronto ON area, choose an Adrenaline tattoo studio near you.