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Laser Tattoo Removal Video Before and After

As one of Canada’s preeminent laser tattoo removal studios, we have provided a lot of information for people who want to get rid of unwanted body ink. Below are links to some of our most popular articles:

With that out of the way, we can now get to what you’re searching for –  laser tattoo removal video before and after. For this, we can pull a popular segment from The Marc & Mandy Show.

For seven seasons (and counting) the dynamic duo has become a credible source of lifestyle tips. They are trusted, because they (and their producers) do their due diligence before answering anything viewers want to know. So when it came to queries about the most effective way to get rid of an unwanted tattoo,. Marc and Mandy tapped into one of Canada’s top laser tattoo removal experts – Adrenaline VanCity’s own Craig Gilbert.

Instead of gushing about Craig’s accolades and the fact that he’s frequently featured in the popular r/TattooRemoval reddit we simply want to share the segment of the show. Within the video you’ll get to see the before and after results you’re looking for. Better yet, you will also witness Craig’s masterful hand in action. When you see what the PicoSure laser system does when applied by his seasoned touch, you’ll be amazed. The process is actually quite fascinating and addictive to watch in an ASMR kind of way (you’ll see). Without further adieu, please enjoy the laser tattoo removal video below:


Do you have an unwanted tattoo that you want removed as effectively as you witnessed in the video above? You’re not alone. Adrenaline Studio’s Craig Gilbert has clients come from all over Canada for treatment. In fact, some even fly in from down south (Florida) to our downtown Vancouver tattoo studio because they know there’s nary a match for his talent. Book your consultation as soon as possible to get placed on the list for the best laser tattoo removal service around.