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Tattoos in the News

Summer is in full swing from coast (Vancouver) to coast (Toronto) across the country, which means that it’s time for an update from Canada’s top tattoo news resource (and studio). Some of these monthly/quarterly releases intend to provide insight into what to or what not to do when it comes to getting inked. Others are downright quirky. What’s on deck for this month? Let’s review!

Interesting Tattoo Related Stories from Around the World as of July 2022

Dad Breaks #1 Rule in Kids’ Name Tattoos  

Last week, Newsweek reported on one fumbling father who broke the most important rule in getting tattoos of your kids’ names. If you get one of their names tattooed, you have to get all of their names tattooed.

The 36-year old has four children. One of those children is an 8-year old stepson. He has the names of his three biological children tattooed, but not that of his stepson. Unless he has plans to divorce his current wife (who is the biological mother of his stepson) he is sending a painfully clear message to the 8-year old. What are you waiting for pops? Commit. Otherwise what are you in the marriage for? If you’re reading this, here are tips for where to get your son’s name tattooed.

Tattoos Are Acceptable in the Workplace, But…

Visible tattoos have become commonplace in pretty much every workplace, from Walmart to Wall Street. However, there are some instances where visibility of words and designs are simply not appropriate to a given profession. For example, it was recently reported that a police officer was terminated after getting the words ‘Pure Evil’ tattooed on this knuckles. Given the sociopolitical climate surrounding cops these days, we’d say that situation was handled fairly. What’s next – a surgeon with a neck tattoo stating “You win some, you lose some”?

If you have an occupation where a visible tattoo can get you in hot water, follow this guide for where to get a tattoo if you want to hide it at work.

Military Opens Arms to Tattooed Soldiers and Recruits

Speaking of visible tattoos in the workplace (above), another career path that once had obstacles along the way was service in the military.  But two weeks ago, the U.S. Army lifted the barricade on tattoos on soldiers’ hands, the back of their ears, and the back of their necks. Given that soldiers are ready to lay their lives on the line for their country, it seems only fair that they are afforded the opportunity to express themselves through body art.

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