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It’s been over 6 months since our last “Tattoos in the News” segment. We’ve been busy putting together tons of tattoo ideas for our growing numbers of followers and readers, which you can following along with here on our blog. But now that we’re in the thick of the summer season it’s time for an update. Let’s find out what’s happening in the world of tattoos!

Interesting Tattoo Related Stories from Around the World as of August 2023

One-Third of People Now Have Tattoos (let’s add more!)

A current (August 2023) Pew Research Center poll has delivered the news that confirms body art is officially deeply ingrained in our culture. Approximately 33% of the of-age population has a tattoo. There are additional bits of interesting information uncovered within the poll. For instance, women are more likely to than men to have tattoos (38% to 27%) and they are most common among people aged 30 to 49 (46%).

“Mermaidcore” Makes Mermaids Great Again?

Mermaidcore is a silly neologism that represents a trend that has taken off in the summer of 2023. It references a niche subculture of style that emulates the mythical sea creatures (mermaids) with clothing, makeup, hair, and tattoos. This renewed popularity has been sparked by this summer’s live-action reimagining of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. People are getting tattoos of seashells, starfish, and a variety of other under-the-sea themed things. The good news with this trend, is that it will last because it has always been a part of the tattoo culture. Mermaids have been a mainstay in American traditional tattoo design for over a century. If you are looking for some mermaid tattoo designs to inspire your own, click here.

Suicide Squad Director Admits He Regrets Jared Leto’s Joker Tattoos

Jared Leto played the umpteenth version of the Batman’s Joker in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad movie in 2016. While Leto’s performance was on-point (it helped to have Margot Robbie on his side) fans of the iconic villain were upset about the creative liberties taken in covering the Joker in tattoos, including one that reads “Damaged” on his forehead. This month (7 years after the film’s release) director David Ayer took to Twitter (aka X) and admitted that he regrets giving the Joker those tattoos. The good news, is that he and Leto’s Joker don’t have to live with the shame any longer, as NIXX Laser Tattoo Removal service can take care of it all.

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