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Where Can I Get a Tattoo Right Now - Vancouver BC Toronto ON

When inspiration strikes you want to take action and get a tattoo. Otherwise life and its unanticipated events can get in the way and delay your plan once again. For this reason you’ve hopped online and Googled “Where can I get a tattoo right now”. But of course, the answer to that question isn’t a simple as it was before, at least for the next few months. Can you still get a tattoo today if you’re in the Greater Vancouver BC or Toronto ON area?

How to Get a Tattoo as Soon as Possible in 2021

Choose a Studio With Locations Near You

The closer the better for obvious reasons. You also want to choose a studio that normally (non-COVID times) accepts walk-ins because the infrastructure (staffing and chair availability) is in place for a quick turnaround time between an appointment request and actual appointment. Adrenaline Studios has multiple locations so that you’re odds of getting a tattoo “right now” are much greater than the alternative. Choose a convenient location near you from below:

Granville Street, Vancouver BC

West 4th Avenue, Kitsilano BC

Queen Street West, Toronto ON

Call Now

You can email a studio near you if preferred, but the fastest way to get booked for a consultation is call the most conveniently located one directly. Here are the numbers to call for your area:

Call 604-669-6800 to book a tattoo at our Granville Street (Vancouver) location

Call 604-734-8282 to book a tattoo at our West 4th (Vancouver) location

Call 416-913-8805 to book a tattoo at our Queen Street West (Toronto) location

Small Tattoos First

The smaller the tattoo the more likely you can get it started and completed “right now”. View more about where to get a small tattoo. Yes, you can possibly get started on a larger tattoo right away but getting the appointment booked will be trickier because a large tattoo takes many hours. On-site tattooists will not likely have their schedule open all-day long.

Know What You Want

Given that you want a tattoo “right now” you need to cut as many time-killers as possible. Indecision is a big one, so if you can be ready to communicate the concept, design, or general theme to your tattooist during the consultation the more likely they can book you in a timely manner. This increases your odds of getting it done ASAP. If you don’t already know what you want, you can reference our helpful guide on where to get a tattoo designed and drawn-up.

Want to get a tattoo tattoo right now? Contact an Adrenaline Studios near you and we’ll get it done (and done right) as soon as possible.