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Where to Get a Bird Tattoo Vancouver Toronto

Last week we answered canine lovers’ question about where to get a dog print tattoo. We’ve decided to follow up by sticking to the animal kingdom with a look at where to get a bird inked on your body. For the most part placement with be contingent upon whether or not you want a small or a large bird design, but there’s even more to consider. Let’s review your placement possibilities.

What to Consider When Deciding Where on the Body to Get a Bird Tattoo Design

Do You Want Realism?

If you are an ornithophile (it’s OK to admit it) you will likely prefer a realistic bird tattoo, which may also mean sticking to scale. This is will be a primary deciding factor for placement. Small birds such as finches, sparrows, chickadees, and wrens work great, and can be realistically perched, on your shoulder. Especially “compact” species such as hummingbirds look best on the wrist or other areas where people commonly get small tattoos. If larger birds-of-prey are your thing, then a spread-winged eagle, falcon, and hawk can look amazing across your upper-back from shoulder blade to shoulder blade, or even across the chest plate. While you won’t exactly be able to get a proper scale tattoo for a big bird, we suggest reviewing this guide for where to get a large tattoo to get the closest approximation.

Is the Bird Symbolic?

A large number of people who plan on getting a bird tattoo are not in fact ornithophiles, nor ornithophile adjacent. Instead, the design intends to be symbolic. This too can dictate placement. For instance, let’s consider the “A bird in the hand a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” expression. It means that it is better to hold onto something one has than to risk losing it by trying to get something better. While you can certainly get the tattoo on your hand (ouch) to pay direct tribute to the meaningful expression, symbolic tattoos of this nature work well near your heart (chest area). However, for the most part the meaning of birds is typically tethered to feelings of elevation, enlightenment, hope, and wisdom. If this is your motivation, have the tattoo placed somewhere you can see it every day so that it reminds you to strive for those aspirations. In this case, anywhere along the forearm is a great a day. When you need dose of motivation, you can simply turn your forearm and look upon your inspirational bird tattoo.

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