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Where to Get a Tattoo if You're Skinny

Just in case “everywhere” isn’t the answer you’re looking for…

Our relentless undertaking of answering any and all questions about where to get a tattoo continues as we respond to those who self-identify as being on the “thin” (whatever that means to you) side of the scale. It’s the perfect follow-up to last week’s article for those who took to Google to ask “where to get a tattoo if you’re overweight“, which we answered right here. While “anywhere you damn well please” is the answer we begin with, we know you’d like a little more insight. Here it is.

3 Things Those Who Consider Themselves “Thin” May Factor into Their Decision to Get a Tattoo

1. You Can Use It to Enhance Muscle

This is one of the most common tattoo placement considerations for those who identify as being “skinny”. They want to enhance the way a part of the body looks and make it “pop” more, especially around the upper arms, upper back, shoulders, and down to the calves. They aren’t wrong, as a well-designed tattoo can absolutely boost the appearance of musculature. It can integrate lines to help create the appearance of definition and can draw the human eye towards your best features (i.e. the bicep, etc.) while distracting from areas that YOU feel you lag in. View more on how a tattoo can be used to enhance muscle.

2. Wrap Around Tattoos Tend to Look Better

The right artist can make any tattoo design kick butt (no matter how “skinny” your own may be) but wrap around tattoos play out very well on thinner physiques. Wrap around tattoos are as they sound, and work great on the circumference of forearms, upper arms, thighs, and calves. Like with muscle enhancement tattoos, wrap around designs (which have more canvas area to work with) and can be integrated to highlight your favorite physical features while downplaying those you prefer too draw attention away from.

3. What Plans for Your Future Self May Be

This was the third consideration on our article on where to get a tattoo if you consider yourself overweight and it applies here too. If you are committing to “bulking up” in the near future then you might want to factor this into your tattoo design today. Typically, reasonable weight gain after getting a tattoo won’t have a significant impact on the integrity of the work. However, if the size gain will be significant, there may be a noticeable change on your tattoo as quick and significant growth can cause the ink particles to break apart (somewhat). But fret not, as a simple touch up will most likely be all that you need to update the work to accommodate your new physique.

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