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Which Tattoo Shop Is Best Vancouver Toronto

How to identify the best tattoo shop for you…

You’ve asked this of your friends, family, coworkers, and even plunked the words into Google search. But while “which tattoo shop is best?” is a logical query to make when you’re months, weeks, or even days away from following through on your decision to get a tattoo, there are more qualifying questions to ask. Only then can you decide what’s best for the most important person – YOU. Let’s review.

5 Questions to Ask When Deciding on Which Tattoo Shop is Best for Your Next Tattoo

Will You Have to Wait Weeks, Maybe Months?

Having to wait weeks or even months to schedule your session is one of the biggest hurdles to getting a tattoo, and is honestly a pain in the rear. When you’ve made the decision to get inked, you’re excited about it, and want to get it done in time to show it off for whatever it is you have on the horizon (a birthday, vacation, event, etc.). If time is of essence, choose a tattoo studio that accepts walk-ins because that is indicative of them having enough staff to accommodate you, at your convenience.

Will They Help You Decide on a Tattoo?

Some tattoo shops in the city don’t have the time or patience to help you figure out what tattoo to get, if you don’t already know exactly what you want. This is a big turn-off for people who are getting their first tattoo. In addition to finding a studio with a deep talent pool of friendly, patient, and helpful tattooists, also look for a shop that actually sells tattoo designs. This spans beyond the traditional “flash” albums that are in typical shops. We’re talking about this claim a tattoo platform, which is available at only a few select establishments – including Adrenaline Studios.

Are They Helpful in Other Ways?

Figuring out what tattoo to get is one part of the equation, but you also have lots of questions about how to prepare your skin, along with placement, pain, aftercare, and how the healing process may impact activities such as swimming, snowboarding, travel and much more. Simply put, you need a shop that is not only there to put ink to skin, but to be your one-stop resource for all things related. Make sure that they have a resource section on their website, like this, otherwise they are a one-and-done establishment that won’t be there for you on your entire journey in this culture.

Do They Have Rave Reviews from Your Peers?

When it comes to any business, the word “best” is synonymous with reviews. While the qualifying questions above will help you make your decision about the best tattoo shop for you, you most certainly should have a look at what your peers have to say. Who are these peers? The people who once had the same questions and concerns as you. If you find consistently raving reviews about a tattoo shop, you will know that you’re in great hands.

Are They Conveniently Located?

Lastly, you need to find a shop that is conveniently located. This practical question is important because you will need to be able to visit the shop for your first consultation, for your session (or more, for a large tattoo), for your follow-up visit, and for your second (or more) tattoo! The shop may not be close to where you live per se, but it should be near transportation hubs and other amenities so that you can go enjoy your day after getting the job done. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of a fresh tattoo, and the last thing you want to do is call it a day after being newly minted with an awesome work of body art. Adrenaline Studios has carefully selected locations in Greater Vancouver and Toronto to ensure that you have access to the best tattoo shop, near you. Schedule your consultation today.