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Best Compliment for Tattoo Girl

“OK…let’s hear it”

In addition to managing some of the country’s top tattoo studios, Adrenaline Studios runs Canada’s most popular tattoo and piercing blog. The latter became so because we have strived (and continue to strive) to answer any and every question about #TattooLife. One question that has popped up on our radar is an interesting one, but one that we completely understand – what is the best compliment for a tattooed girl?

Here’s the thing. Guys and girls alike find tattooed women to be extremely attractive, but many find them to be equally unapproachable. They (yourself included) may assume that any compliment will be met with an eye-roll and instant dismissal. They’ve probably heard it all, right? While enticing to the eye, a large number of tattoos may as well be a STOP sign as far as you’re concerned. Even uber-confident types lose their cool when a sexy vixen heavily adorned in body ink crosses their path.

The good news, is that she is not as unapproachable as you thought. Keep reading.

3 Tips to Complimenting a Tattooed Girl without Coming Off Like a Total Douchebag (or Douchebagette)

Let Her Know You’re Genuinely Interested in Her Tattoos

Assuming that you’re genuinely interested in her tattoos, express it as such. If you’re thinking about getting new ink yourself, ask her which studio/artist she received them from. She is proud of her body art and will be more than happy to respond and recommend the studio/artist that she goes to. This opens the gates to further conversation.

*Pose the question about a specific tattoo (if she has more than one) as she may assume that a generalized statement about her entire “body of work” is nothing more than a pickup line.

Compliment the Style

Tattoo designs are completed by an artist who follows a certain style. These styles include (or are some combined variation of) the following:

  • Traditional & Old School
  • Neo Traditional
  • Fine Line
  • Tribal
  • Watercolor
  • Blackwork / Black & Grey
  • Realism
  • Portrait
  • Traditional Japanese
  • Geometric
  • Anime
  • Continuous Line
  • Cartoon
  • Sketch

By learning the look (even history) of these styles you’ll be able to confidently compliment her body art by identifying the style. This will more than likely impress her, or at least leave a positive impression.

*Defining each of these styles is beyond the scope of this article. You’ll have to Google image search each of them to identify and learn about the styles. What, you thought we’d do ALL of the work for you??

Relate it to Your Own Experience

If one of (or the general theme of) her tattoos relates to a deep-seeded interest of yours, let that be the lead-in.

For example, if she has a tattoo of your favorite horror movie character, you have an immediate compliment and conversation-starter “Oh wow, that Captain Spaulding tattoo is freaking legendary. What did you think of the Devil’s Rejects sequel though?”. Or maybe her tattoos convey an affinity for dogs, and you are a fellow pup-parent which gives you an opportunity to compliment the tattoo and let her know that you were thinking of something similar to honor your own furry companion. Perhaps her tattoos indicate another shared passion, such as a certain sport which once again provides a lead-in for a compliment on a subject that you’re knowledgable and passionate about.

Again, it all comes down to being genuine. The tattooed girl behind the counter of your favorite cafe can spot a fake right away, But on the flip side, she can spot the real deal too.

Good Luck!