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Getting a Tattoo During Lockdown

Getting a tattoo in the summer is always a great idea. We have even laid out some inspirational designs for you to consider. Today’s article isn’t about that however. Instead, we’re taking a look at why getting a tattoo during this particular season of 2020 – aka the summer lockdown – is more important than ever before.

3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Tattoo During the Locked Down Summer of 2020

Pay Homage to Summer Travels

You can’t travel like you would normally do this summer. Sure, things have reopened significantly when compared to the early spring season, but the handcuffs are not off, just loosened. You can’t travel to the U.S. by road, and if going by air you’ll have to seal yourself away in a 14-day quarantine at your destination (most U.S. states) and again when you return to Canada. The same goes for other permitted (by air) international destinations. That’s one-month stolen from your summertime calendar. Ain’t gonna happen, right? So here you are, shackled to BC. For those who live to travel this is a tough pill to swallow, but before you wallow in despair take note that you can pay homage to your globetrotting lifestyle by getting a tattoo. Consider a design that represents your favorite destination and its culture, or perhaps an iconic quote from the likes of Paul Theroux or other famous kindred spirit who shares your penchant for world exploration.

What Else Are You Gonna Spend Your Money On?

With the economy reopening many of you are back at work or in business and money is once again flowing in the right direction, just in time for the summer. However, you’re pretty limited when it comes to enjoying it. Not only does the travel blockade free up disposable cash, loss of or limits on the usual local summertime activities (waterparks, concerts, music festivals, and other events) give you nowhere to spend your hard earned dough. Given what we’ve all just experienced, we deserve to treat ourselves! In the past we have shared tips on how to save money for a tattoo (one of the biggest impediments to getting one) but now that process has gotten much easier. Treat yourself in the most personal and rewarding way possible this summer by getting the tattoo you’ve always dreamed of.

No One Cares Anymore

Summer is a whimsical season, which is why so many people choose this time of the year to get a tattoo. However some hold off because they fear what their boss, colleagues, customers, clients, and even family members have to say about it, especially when the desired tattoo will be highly visible. Well, guess what? No one gives two-hoots any more. A tattoo on display in even the most traditional setting (church clergy gathering anyone?) now pales in comparison to what they world has contended with over the last few months. The time to celebrate individual expression is here unlike any other period before because everyone (and we mean everyone) has realized that life it too short. Having freedoms taken away (rightly or wrongly) has stirred something in people in an unprecedented manner. Use this summer as the time to shine your brightest by getting that tattoo you’ve always wanted and deserved!


Your convinced that getting a tattoo during this summer lockdown of 2020 is a good idea. However, you may be concerned about getting this deeply personal service done amidst COVID 19. At Adrenaline Studios you’ve got nothing to worry about. We have always followed provincial and federal mandates regarding health and safety for our staff and cherished clients. Amidst the summer of COVID 19 we have ramped up our health and sanitary practices to exceed all mandates and expectations. To enter the premises all visitors are required to wear masks (even if shopping for brands), but that’s just the tip of the wellness iceberg. View what we’re doing (and how you can help) to kick health concerns to the curb at Adrenaline Studios. If you have any questions whatsoever, or want to book your summertime consultation, contact us today.