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How to Ease Anxiety Before a Tattoo

You’ve set a date to get your very first or next tattoo. While it should be an exciting event, you feel stress kick in as the big day approaches. You’re not just concerned about the pain and discomfort (which are ultimately fleeting) but the potential for regret along with other unknowns. Is there any way around it or is it simply an unavoidable reaction to what’s to come? And if the former, what is the answer for how to ease anxiety before a tattoo? Follow the tips below.

How to Calm Your Nerves Before Getting a Tattoo

Remind Yourself of the Worthy Reason for Getting a Tattoo

Anything that is worth doing is hard. While this expression may not be true all of the time, it is apt in many cases. When it comes to the anxiety you’re feeling because of the pain/discomfort to come, it is indeed an appropriate assertion. So remind yourself of the worthy reason that you’re getting a tattoo. We’re sure there is an important meaning behind it, some motivation that makes you want to turn a concept into a work of body art. This ties into the selection of your tattoo design. In choosing a design that you won’t ever regret, you will get over anxiety and calm your nerves.

Express Your Anxiety to Your Tattooist

Your tattooist is putting their handiwork on your body, for life. They want to hear what you have to say. They have worked with dozens, hundreds, or maybe even thousands of clients. Through it all they have heard and seen it all. They won’t think any less of you for expressing your anxiety. In fact, they will applaud you for being communicative on the matter. They will be open to hearing your concerns and addressing them with practical and useful advice. Further, it can make them more sensitive to your needs throughout the session, checking to see if you need a break or glass of water, and so forth. And if you find in your initial consultation that a tattooist is NOT open to this communication, then you will know that they are not the right one for you. At that point you can find another artist/studio that is more accommodating.

Start Small

People are more likely to feel anxiety about a medium to large tattoo. The impending hours of being “under the needle” can certainly weigh on your mind. If you’re prone to anxiety we suggest starting with a small tattoo. It’s the same advice we give to someone who has a very low threshold for pain.

Get Tattooed With a Friend of Family Member

The forced restrictions of 2020-22 have limited the opportunity to bring a comforting friend or family member along on your tattoo appointment. While that may or may not change in 2023 and beyond, there is one way to have them with you (and calm your nerves) for your tattoo – convince them to get one too! Matching tattoos are a great way to get them to buy-in, as are family-themed designs along with other concepts that convey a bond between people (athletics, etc.). Book your appointment together (same studio and time, but different artists) and you’ll feel your anxiety wash away.

Ready to move forward? Enjoy a stress-free tattoo experience by booking your consultation (and subsequent tattoo) with an Adrenaline Studios near you.