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Is Laser Tattoo Removal Safe

You’ve decided that you want to remove an unwanted tattoo. Whether you want to fade it for a cover up or want it out of the picture entirely, there is a question weighing on your mind – is the procedure safe? It absolutely is IF the following conditions are met.

6 Conditions That Must Be Met to Ensure Safe and Effective Tattoo Removal

1. You Don’t DIY It

The proliferation of eCommerce for “all things” has an unfortunate side effect – people can buy anything on their own. This includes “at-home” laser tattoo removal kits. This isn’t like buying your first set of scissors and hair clippers and doing your own ‘do folks (which can have disastrous results in itself). You’re messing around with a laser without an expertly trained hand to do so – the implications of a misguided hand are clear. DIY tattoo removal (of any kind) can and most likely will result in scarring, infection, extreme pain, and subsequent pigmentation problems. View more on why you should never attempt to perform tattoo removal on your own.

2. You Go to a Tattoo Studio (vs Cosmetic Clinic)

Cosmetics laser clinics from Vancouver and Toronto offer tattoo removal services. While they may be versed in laser applications for a wide variety of skin treatments, they are absolutely not experts in the art of tattooing. Therefore, they cannot be true experts in tattoo removal. Adrenaline Studios has vastly superior knowledge in tattoo removal and uses industry leading laser technology (more on this below). View more on why you should choose a tattoo studio (offering laser removal) over a cosmetic laser clinic.

3. You Choose a Tattoo Removal Studio With the RIGHT Tools

While there are other tattoo studios offering laser removal, you should only choose places that use PicoSure laser technology. This state-of-the-art system is dedicated to the science of breaking down ink particles in a natural manner that works with your body’s lymphatic system. View more on the benefits of PicoSure laser tattoo removal.

4. You’ve Prepared Your Body Ahead of Time 

While the expert hand, knowledge, skills, and PicoSure application of Adrenaline Studios staff will ensure safety and effectiveness, it’s always a good idea to do some DIY preparation leading up to your very first session. In addition to choosing the right clinic, you will want to minimize exposure to the sun, improve the general “fitness” of your skin, and avoid certain medications, lotions, and other agents. View more on how to prepare yourself for laser tattoo removal.

5. You Are Cleared from Underlying Health Conditions

Laser tattoo removal is essentially a type of elective medical procedure. Like with any decision to move forward with a procedure, you must first consider underlying health issues. They may be impacted by the treatment, and vice versa. If you suffer from any health condition related to blood clotting, a compromised immune system, or anything that may experience elevated symptoms in the presence of physical stressors then you should seek the advice of your physician or healthcare professional.

6. You’re Sure About It!

You’ve heard of tattoo regret, but did you know that tattoo removal regret is a thing too? While remorse may not be a “safety” consideration per say, it can be detrimental. Tattoos have a healing and/or elevating affect on the psyche, mind, and soul, and removal for the wrong reasons can put you in a negative emotional space. Make sure you’re removing the tattoo for the right (for you) reasons, and not because some a$$hole boss or spouse/partner/companion demands it.

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