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Christmas Tattoo Ideas

You love the Holiday season, but maybe not in the traditional sense. Instead of Michael Bublé and Dean Martin, you prefer your Christmas carols from the Trans-Siberian orchestra. We’ve already provided a list of Christmas tattoo ideas for those who love time-honored aspects of the season, so it’s only fair that we offer inspirations for those who enjoy a more unique take on the Holidays. Let’s unwrap them together!

5 Christmas Tattoo Concepts With a Twist for Non-Traditionalists

Bad Santa or Naughty Mrs Claus

To you, Santa and his missus aren’t some sugar-coated couple who hole up in the North Pole hanging out with vertically challenged staff and genetically enhanced deer. They are a badass duo who take no sh*t from those who misbehave (more on this at the bottom) yet know how to party when the hard work is done. Have your tattooist create a cooler, more contemporary, and sexier version of the one your choice. Of course, this makes for an amazing matching couples tattoo too.

Naughty vs Nice

Speaking of naughty, consider a play on the Angel vs Devil on your shoulders (whispering in your ears) concept. Instead of one angelic figure on one shoulder and one demonic figure on the other, choose Holiday season characters. This ties into our Santa and Mrs Claus concept above, but you can also use Elf on a Shelf, gnomes, reindeer, or whomever tickles your Ying and Yang fancy.

Gothic Gingerbread House

There are some really fun gingerbread house tattoos out there, but why not go for a more medieval version to satiate your taste for an alternative take on the Holidays. Think of the Hansel and Gretel house, at the North Pole, and you’ll be well on your way to an uber-cool tattoo. In addition to purposeful Gothic this concept works in a Neo-Traditional style.

Nightmare Before…

For some people, the Holiday season actually begins during Halloween, when Jack Skellington sheds societal expectations to chase his dream to replace Santa Claus. While he may be known as the Pumpkin King, there’s no denying that a tattoo of this Tim Burton character will make you feel those seasonal warm and fuzzies.


We figured we’d close our list of inspirations with one figure that has gained in popularity since he hit the big screen in 2015. On the surface it may seem as if this mythical (maybe) character is about as opposite as one can get from the spirit of the season. In reality, he’s quiet adjacent to Santa. You see, Krampus does the Big Man’s dirty work, visiting those whom a lump of coal is simply not sufficient. He is part of a centuries-old Christmas tradition in Germany, created as a counterpart to St. Nicholas, stuffing the severely misbehaved in a sack before taking them away to his lair. From there, the punished remain in limbo for eternity. Dark? Damn right, but it may be exactly what you’re looking for in your hunt for non-traditional Christmas tattoos. Have a look at a few Krampus designs from recent years, right here.

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