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Get a Tattoo Mom

Every day thousands of people across Canada ask themselves, “Should I get a tattoo?”. Among this lot are a number of mothers, wondering if they should finally get inked after years of being on the fence. We want to begin by stating that being a mom has nothing to do with whether or not you should get a tattoo. That said, with Mother’s Day fast approaching (at press) we figured that now was as good a time as any to answer the question, which is “YES”, along with a few helpful tips that may apply.

Helpful Advice for Moms and Mothers-to-Be Who Are Wondering if it’s Time to Finally Get a Tattoo

Some Great Tattoo Ideas You Might Want to Consider

One thing that may be keeping you from getting a tattoo is a lack of design ideas. The last thing you want to do is get it done for the sake of it, and end up with a design that you’ll regret. Don’t fret, we got you covered. In addition to getting your child’s name tattooed, here are more tattoo Ideas that you definitely won’t ever be sorry about.

Where to Place That Special Tattoo

As mentioned above you can’t go wrong when it comes to getting your child’s name tattooed. Assuming it was done under the hand of an expert tattooist you will never regret it. But where you should you place it? Here are 3 things to consider when deciding where to get your son’s name tattooed, and what to contemplate when it comes to the same for your daughter’s. Is there even a difference? Click those links to find out!

Want to Cover Stretch Marks?

Do you have stretch marks as a result of prior pregnancy and child birth? While you have every right to wear them as a mark of pride, some of you are concerned about getting a tattoo on the area where they exist. Can you still get a tattoo where you want it? You can, but there are some caveats. Here are the four things to consider before getting a tattoo to cover stretch marks.

New Moms – Currently Breastfeeding?

You may have a new bundle of joy and are currently breastfeeding. Can you still get a tattoo when inspiration strikes? There are no regulations against breastfeeding with tattoos as research has not uncovered any safety concerns. Tattoo ink molecules are too large to get into breastmilk, even if getting the tattoo over your breast. In addition, the ink is sealed under the first layer of your skin, so your baby’s mouth cannot come in contact it. That said, out of an abundance of caution Breastfeeding Support suggests that it is usually recommended for mothers to wait until after breastfeeding has ended before having a tattoo procedure. This is really a personal decision.

Like we said in the introduction, when it comes to getting a tattoo, being a mom is no different than being a dad, mechanic, athlete, realtor, novelist, or tattooist for that matter. It doesn’t matter. Either way, we hope the advice above helped guide your decision to do what you feel is right for YOU. If you’re ready for a consultation or have any additional questions please contact an Adrenaline tattoo shop near you (Vancouver or Toronto).