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Where to Tattoo Daughter's Name

You want to get your daughter’s name tattooed. You already have the font and supporting design picked out and now you just need to decide where on your body to get the ink placed. As an extremely proud parent you may be tempted to get up front and center on your forehead for all to see, but that may not be practical. Instead, here are a few things to consider.

5 Things to Consider When Deciding Where to Get Your Daughter’s Name Tattooed

1. Over Your Heart

This is the most logical choice, She has stolen your heart so it only makes sense to slap her monicker right over where it’s supposed to be. This space also leaves room for more artistic license, allowing for a larger and more intricate design behind and surrounding the letters of her name.

2. Wrapped Around Your Finger

She may have you wrapped around her little finger, but you can pay homage to this fact by getting her name wrapped around yours. It’s an ironic take on the relationship.

This is also a great option for those who prefer a small tattoo and/or need to keep it somewhat hidden (behind a ring perhaps) for the sake of their profession. Please keep in mind the fact that it will hurt as there’s very little organic material between the epidermis and the bone in your finger. That said, the session will be over fast so it’s totally worth it for the sake of your adorable offspring. View more on where to get a finger tattoo.

3. Bookended With Her Sibling/s

If your daughter is a new addition to the family and she has an older sibling (bro or sis) you may already have his/her (the elder) name tattooed. If it’s on a spot of your body with an equal opposite (i.e. arm, shoulder, calf, etc.) then you have a perfect opportunity to create a bookend effect with your kids’ names. This may complicate things with a third child, so you might need to aim for a fourth to complete the flank.

4. A Spot That Speaks to a Shared Interest

Do the two of you have a special bond thanks to a shared interest? Can that interest not only be conveyed via a tattoo design, but also through placement? You can merge the two for a perfect tattoo. Need an example? If you go for jogs, hikes, or even surf sessions together, then her name on the side of your foot, ankle, or on the calf muscle could be a great idea. This one may take some thought but placement can certainly take on meaning for a shared activity or interest.

5. Ask Her! 

Why are you even reading this list of suggestions? She’s the boss, so you should have asked her in the first place!

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