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Tattoo Removal News Canada

As Canada’s one-stop resource for tattooing and piercing Adrenaline Studios releases a Tattoos in the News report each month, and have also started a Piercing News report as of November 2023. After our most recent releases, we realized that we were missing something. One major part of our service offering is laser tattoo removal. Consequently, we’d be remiss to keep our readers out of the loop with important happenings in the industry that are relevant to their (and your) questions and curiosities. So with out further ado, let’s have a look at what’s going on in taboo removal news for the winter season of 2023.

Tattoo Removal Related Stories from Around Canada (and the World) this Winter of 2023

NIXX Tattoo Opens on West 4th Vancouver BC!

We’re excited to announce the grand opening of NIXX Tattoo Removal, which is located in the heart of bustling West 4th Avenue in Kitsilano BC (1926 W. 4TH Ave). The concept was born from within the iconic walls of the Adrenaline Studios flagship store on Granville Street (which was unfortunately destroyed in a recent fire). Rising like a phoenix from the ashes, NIXX is available to remove (or fade for coverup) unwanted tattoos using the most powerful and effective laser treatment around. View more on the NIXX tattoo removal difference, and check out this cool before and after video of the process.

Helping Former Gang Members Leave the Past in the Past

Tattoo Removal News

A couple of weeks ago, the Harvard Gazette reported on how the University’s Med School-MGH dermatologists started using laser technology to remove gang (and related) tattoos from former members who want to leave the affiliations (and bad memories) behind. This stands as an inspiring example of how laser tattoo removal is not just about improving aesthetics, as it can also be healing and provide people with a means to move forward in life while leaving a negative past where it belongs – in the past.

Male Model in UK Praises Pico-Laser Tattoo Removal Technology

Fresh from the annals of Zoolander lore, is a heartening report of a male model in the UK who feels normal again after discovering the magic of Pico-laser technology for tattoo removal. For the initiated, Pico tech is the best alternative in tattoo removal and is what we use (PicoSure) at Adrenaline Studios.

Tattoo Removal News |Canada

Stay tuned to the Adrenaline Studios blog as we continue to deliver news from the world of tattoo removal. And if you’re in the Vancouver BC area and want to get an unwanted tattoo removed, schedule a consultation today.