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Tattoo Trends 2021

The new year is upon us (it’s about time!) and like with any industry people are wondering what’s in store for the world of tattoos. Below we take a look at the trends and predictions for the 365 days ahead.

3 Trends and Predictions for Tattooing in 2021

More People Will Get Tattooed

After the worst year since 1944-45 (final year of WW II) the world has had enough. The populous has collectively come to understand that life is simply to short to waste another day putting off the things that they have always wanted to do. This trend was first made evident when the first COVID-19 lockdowns were lifted towards the end of spring, as hoards of people flocked online to book appointments to get tattoos from reputable (and safe) studios. For many people it was the first thing they planned for post-lockdown. Eight months later (January 2021) we find that North America is coming out of the worst surge yet with the vaccine arriving just in time to fulfill new years resolutions – one of them being to finally get the tattoo that they’ve always dreamed of. This prediction is further spurred by the fact that the traditional workplace environment has forever changed, with a signifiant proportion of the workforce being able to work remotely. Corporate dress codes (etc.) are being tossed to the wayside and concerns about what the boss will think about visible tattoos are no longer given much weight in the decision making process.

The floodgates have opened in 2021 and tattoo culture is set to grow at a faster rate than history has ever seen.

More Personalized Designs

Through the last decade tattoo flash designs have become little more than wallpaper in tattoo studios, as new clients have come in to request more customized designs. But even then most newly tattooed people leaned heavily on studio artists for conceptual design. Expect there to be a transition from this to more personalized motifs in 2021.

Individual expression will become more prominent then ever before and this carries over into everything from cosmetics and fashion to piercings and body ink. People deserve to have the exact tattoo that they feel conveys who they are, and that means taking more time to come up with concepts and designs that accomplish exactly that. In response, tattooists will have to be more patient, and willing to take the time during consultations to work with clients. If you feel like you’re being rushed or forced into accepting a design in order to expedite the tattoo then get up and walk out of the shop and walk in to an Adrenaline Studios near you. We won’t put the proverbial pen (tattoo machine) to paper (your skin) until we have a truly custom design that YOU want. View more on where to get a tattoo designed.

As an addendum to this trend, we also expect to see a lift in laser tattoo fading and cover-up. This allows people to replace designs they are not happy with, with more customized concepts that they wanted in the first place.

No Spot Off-Limits

This one carries over from the first trend above. In addition to a historic wave of new people committing to getting a tattoo, we expect to see body placement grow as well. With body ink being fully mainstream it will no longer be taboo to get tattoos on spots of the body that we’re once deemed fitting for only hardcore enthusiasts. Expect to see more new tattoos popping up on the neck, ears, hands, and fingers as no part of the body will be considered off-limits.

In essence, no trend is the new trend in tattoo design for 2021. Instead, people will get the designs they want, where they want it, and when they want it. We’re here for when you’re ready.