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Where to Get a Discreet Tattoo

You want a tattoo, but it will be for your eyes only, and the select few that you choose to show it to. In other words, you want it to be discreetly placed. Unless you live in a nudist colony, it’s not hard to figure out which parts of the body are the most hidden. However, are some parts better than others for getting a discreet tattoo? Let’s find out.

Best Parts of the Body to Get a “For Your Eyes Only” Tattoo

The Inner-Thigh

The inner-thigh works well even in the summer when you’re wearing shorts, skirts, and bikinis (as applicable). Like your grandmother says – keep the legs closed and you’ve got nothing to worry about. This part of the body also has fewer pain-receptors, which makes for a better experience. In addition, it provides enough canvas space for a larger design compared to other more hidden parts of the body.

The Inner-Foot

The tattooing process may be much more painful than with the inner-thigh, but foot tattoos are popular and by nature are very discreet. If you wear flip flops, sandals, and the like, and still want the tattoo to remain somewhat hidden, you can get a small tattoo along the inner-foot, outside of the lateral arch. You can still enjoy looking at it when cruising along the sidewalk on a summer day, but for the most part it will remain out of view of passerbyers. View more on where to get a foot tattoo.

Pelvic Region

The pelvic region is essentially the lower waistline. Even if going shirtless or wearing a crop top, a tattoo placed lower in the area will remain relatively discreet. It also provides enough space to get creative with the design. It can run wide across your pelvic area, and can also extend below into the upper thigh on the outer surface of the iliopsoas, pectineus,and sartorius, all of which are hidden by most shorts and skirts. This spot is a great alternative to a lower back tattoo which often gets put on display when bending down, even when wearing a top.


The inner (upper) arm on the side of your bicep is a perfect place for a discreet tattoo. Unless you find yourself flexing your pipes in public on a regular basis it will pretty much go unnoticed. There is also enough “meat on the bone” to mitigate pain during the process, and it also provides enough length for tattoos that incorporate words/quotes and vertical designs. Logically, the side rib area on the opposite side of your inner-arm will also work, but you will need a stronger pain threshold for this sensitive area.

Choosing the Right Studio

Given that some of the discreet parts of the body listed above are considered intimate places, you want to choose a tattoo studio that is renowned for professionalism, health and sanitation, and has a balanced crop of established tattooists from both ends of the gender spectrum, should you have a preference. It’s our job to provide a safe space where you feel comfortable when getting your discreet tattoo. Contact Adrenaline Studios near you to schedule a consultation.