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Best Place for a Roman Numeral Tattoo

Roman numerals are a popular tattoo concept. They can be used to showcase an important date, time on a clock, a jersey number for athletes (or fans of an athlete), or to represent some other place within a sequence of events. You’ve already decided upon that part. What you want to know, is the best place for a roman number tattoo. Having done more than our fair share in our Canada-wide studios we have some insight for your consideration.

3 Great Places on the Body to Get a Roman Numeral Tattooed

I. Middle-Upper Back

For a Large Roman Numeral Tattoo

Consider Roman numerals like you do Romanesque columns. They are strong, bold, sturdy, and buttress the gateway to any institution that they stand in front of. This is not a tattoo to get along on the edge of your foot. Only the back affords Roman numerals with the center-of-attention aesthetic that they deserve. If you want a large Roman numeral tattoo there isn’t a better place to get it done than the dead-center of the upper back.

II. Inner Forearm

For a Medium Sized Roman Numeral Tattoo

If you don’t want a large tattoo, but want a visible one that you can look down upon to serve as a reminder of its significance (important date, etc.) then the inner forearm is a great spot. Before you book your consultation, have a look at our guide to getting a forearm tattoo.

III. Fingers / Knuckles

For a Small Roman Numeral Tattoo

If you want a small yet statement-making Roman numeral tattoo, the fingers and/or knuckles are ideal. This is especially true for when you have sequence of them (i.e. day / month / year) to get inked. A tattooed fist (fingers and/or knuckles) infer a sense of strength and power which aligns very well with what Roman numerals often symbolize themselves. However, there are a few things to consider when it comes to getting finger and knuckle tattoos. It can be quite painful and attention to after-care is extremely important. View our guides to getting finger tattoos and knuckle tattoos.

Let Your Tattooist be Your Guide

What’s the best place for a Roman numeral tattoo? It really depends upon your preferred design and desired size. At the end of the day a professional tattooist can help you make a final decision during your initial consultation. If located within or visiting the Greater Vancouver BC or Toronto ON area, schedule an appointment at an Adrenaline tattoo shop near you.