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Should I Get a Tattoo or Piercing

Interesting question. While somewhat related when it comes to social culture the two are inherently different. That said, the title indeed represents a frequently asked question online. In our never-ending duty to answer them ALL we are weighing in with key things to consider when you feel that you must absolutely decide between the two.

5 Things to Consider When Deciding Between a Tattoo or Piercing

Do You Have Commitment Issues?

Do you find yourself changing your mind often? Do you jump between jobs more than a temp? Do your fashion choices swing like 50+ year old couples in Palm Springs? Then you may have an issue with commitment. If so, you may want to go with a piercing first. If after a few months or a year you’re still stoked that you had it done you may be ready for a follow-up in the form of a tattoo.

Is Budget a Concern?

This is the primary qualifier for many. If money is tight and you want to get one or the other very soon, then go with a piercing first. For one, even when compared to a small tattoo a piercing (nose, ears, or body) is typically significantly cheaper. Secondly, when your budget is very tight (to the point that you must choose between a piercing or tattoo) then there’s a good chance that you’ll be settling for a smaller and less complicated tattoo – a design that isn’t the one you’ve always dreamed of. Move forward with your piercing and start saving for that dream tattoo. Need some help? Follow our 5-step guide to saving for a tattoo.

What Is Your Threshold for Pain?

Both will hurt, but obviously the pain lasts longer when getting a tattoo because the process is much more time intensive. If you know that you have a low threshold for pain, start with one or two (or more) piercings to build up your tolerance, before getting a tattoo.

What Will the Boss Say?

Worried about how the boss will react to a tattoo or a piercing in a non-traditional (anywhere but the ears, to them) spot? A tattoo can be hidden by clothing with ease, whereas a facial (nose, upper-lower lip, brow, or cheek) piercing cannot. But honestly, in 2020 neither a tattoo or piercing is frowned upon in the corporate workspace as it once was. This is especially true in a time where personal expression is protected to attract talent that knows demand for skilled labor in Canada is far lower than the current supply. In fact, a tattoo in 2020 can be seen as a means to promoting your personal brand.

Tight on Time?

For some, time constraint is a perceived problem. You may have a short window (you’re in town on vacation, etc.) to get one or the other done. A piercing is quick so time is not an issue. But if you have your heart set on a tattoo too, then make sure that a prospective tattooist is well aware of this fact and can give you a time estimate to completion that allows for a buffer should the session take longer than expected. That said, did you know that you can actually get a tattoo and piercing on the same day? It’s certainly possible, as long as these five conditions are met.

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