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What Tattoo Can I Get for 100 Dollars Vancouver BC

Coming up short, but need another tattoo?

The headline of this article is a commonly asked question that we can answer right away. The response to “What tattoo can I get for 100 dollars?” is a small one. While our artists average $175-$190 per hour, there is a firm minimum of $100 that we adhere to. Please do keep in mind that there are taxes, and tattoo artists are generally tipped for doing a great job. The good news, is that Adrenaline is the go-to for getting a small tattoo in Vancouver BC. However, the intent of this article is to ask you to consider a few other things before booking your appointment. Please read ahead.

What Else to Consider When Looking for a Tattoo Shop to do a Tattoo in the $100 Range

Fine Line is the Way to Go

A fine line tattoo uses thin and delicate lines to complete the design. There is generally little to no shading involved and ultimately requires short sessions which is why it can come in at around the $100 range that you’re looking for (although some can indeed be more intricate). The crux, is that despite the seeming simplicity, fine line is a highly specialized discipline that few tattoo shops have the staff to offer. Adrenaline Studios has a fine line specialist on staff, who also does amazing work with fine line American traditional tattoos that you may draw inspiration from.

Get What You Get Tattoo

Another option is a get-what-you-get tattoo (GWYGT). Simply let reception staff know what your budget is, along with a general idea about what you like, and they can choose a budget0-friendly option more for you. View more on getting a GWYGT in Vancouver.

Consider More for Your Investment in Body Art

We know that money may be tight, but you desperately want a tattoo. It’s why we are one of the few studios to allow $100 tattoos. That being said, we do encourage you to consider upping your budget a little more if possible. Remember, body art is an investment in yourself. A tattoo is a reflection of your personality, who you are, and it can serve as an inspirational motivator to go after your goals and dreams with a quick glance upon it. But what can you do if you’re absolutely strapped for cash? For one, if you have a birthday, graduation, or other “gift receiving” occasion coming up, let loved ones know that you’d greatly appreciate a tattoo gift card instead of the usual. You can apply it to the $100 that’s burning a hole in your pocket and get an even better tattoo. Furthermore, we have put together a guide for How to Save Money for a Tattoo which includes tips that you may not have considered.

Contact Adrenaline Studios in Vancouver BC to discuss your budget and options. We’ll help you come up with something ideal that works out for you, and your bank account. Don’t worry consolations are FREE!