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Where Can I Get a Tattoo for Cheap

You’re going in the wrong direction…

We’re hijacking your online search for “Where can I get a tattoo for cheap“. Sorry, but we consider this to be a public service action that will save you in the short and long run alike. You see, by cutting corners today you could be costing yourself a LOT more tomorrow. Here’s what you need to know.

5 Ways a Cheap Tattoo Can Cost You Much More in the Near Future

1. Cheap, is Cheap

What’s a cheap tattoo? Unless it’s for an intentionally small tattoo (more on this below), anyone paying under $100 per hour will get what they pay for, and that ain’t good. Discount parlors and at-home operations are not held to the same standards as premium studios. There is less of a vetting process when it comes to apprenticeships and chosen artists, and often more lax protocols in place when it comes to overhead which includes important things such as health, sanitation, tools, chairs, and so forth. In the end you likely won’t have the same satisfaction in the experience and end result – your tattoo. What price do you put on your happiness?

2. Health Risk

As alluded to above, discount parlors and especially at-home operations may not hold themselves to the same standards and protocols as professional studios. There is a significant cost involved in maintaining a shop that not only abides by, but exceeds, the health and safety standards set forth by the industry in addition to municipal and federal governing bodies. This has become more important than ever in light of the 2020-21 health crisis. What price to you put on your health?

3. You’ll Get a Smaller Tattoo Than You Wanted

A cheap tattoo will invariably be a small one. If you didn’t want a small one to begin with, then you will have to come back and add to it in the future. But future sessions are not continuations unless that was part of the plan with your tattooist. However, the latter scenario is most often in reference to a large design done in stages to allow time for proper healing. Otherwise, any additional work to finally deliver the concept that you initially wanted will be treated as an entirely new session (or sessions) which increases the overall cost when compared to if you had it done as you wanted from the get-go.

4. Costly Upkeep on a Cheap Tattoo

A cheaply done tattoo often requires more upkeep. Given that the work was likely rushed, poorer quality ink and tools applied, and poor aftercare instruction provided you may end up spending more to keep infection away while maintaining the aesthetic integrity (or lack thereof) of the work. In addition, the likelihood of a follow-up session (or sessions) may be required as it begins to fade or appears blotchy on the edges. A discount parlor and/or at-home artist is much more likely to charge for follow-ups even if their initial efforts are to blame. Even taking care of a poorly executed tattoo adds to your costs as you hit the pharmacy for quality moisturizers and treatments to keep itchiness, infection, and scarring at bay. And if the cheap work is really poor, you’ll spend even more by covering up that bad tattoo in new clothes!

5. The Higher Cost to Remove a Cheap (Bad) Tattoo

As we detailed above, a cheap tattoo will more often than not equate a tattoo that you don’t like. It may take you weeks, months, or a few short years to come to terms with this. Or you’ll know it from the minute you look in the mirror after the session. Whichever the case may be a bad tattoo will lead you to the desire to have it removed. But having learned your lesson about cutting corners when it comes to getting a tattoo, you will not to the same when it comes to removal or coverup. After doing some research about where to get a tattoo lasered off you’ll find that there is a significant investment involved to get it done right. All of a sudden that cheap $99/hr (or so) tattoo ends up costing you into the thousands once removal and/or coverup is all said and done. Avoid the potential for this costly (albeit effective) treatment and get the tattoo you wanted in the first place. It’s an investment that delivers an ROI in the form of happiness and lower future cost of “ownership”, so to speak.

We understand your desire to find a budget-friendly option for your next tattoo, which is why we have provided a 5-step guide to saving money for a tattoo. Contact an Adrenaline Studios near you to schedule a consultation. Your tattooist will work with you to come up with a design that you will be happy with and can afford.