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Can You Change the Font on a Tattoo Vancouver Toronto Canada

Did you get a tattoo with words/script or numbers (such as a date) or anything involving lettering? If so, you had to choose a preferred font. At the time, a certain font may have been “en vogue” in tattooing which inspired you to use it for your own. Look no further than the “Affliction era” and other MMA brands that inspired more people to embrace Old English (aka English blackletter) than when it was thrust into the world by Johannes Gutenburg in the mid-1400s.

The problem, is that over time your tastes have changed and you now look at the words on your body with some disdain. It’s more common than you may think. We get the question of “Can you change the font on a tattoo” quite often at our Vancouver BC and Toronto ON tattoo studios. As a result, it’s time to address this here on the Adrenaline Studios blog. Below is a breakdown of what you can do if you don’t like the font of your current tattoo.

3 Things That Can be Done to Change the Font of Your Old Tattoo

Altering Subtle Fonts

Logically, tattoo fonts done in fine line or other subtle styles can be tattooed-over in a larger darker-toned font (while maintaining the series of letters/numbers/characters) as long as the space on your body allows it. This is essentially a traditional cover-up. Let’s find out if this can be done for yours with relative ease by scheduling a consultation with an Adrenaline Studios near you.

Fading for Cover-Up

In some cases, the font on your original tattoo may be too dark to edit (so to speak) on its own, but it’s close to being possible. In such cases, you will need to find a local tattoo studio that provides laser tattoo fading for cover-up. This is an extension and evolution of traditional cover-ups, as it allows the laser to fade parts of the font that are problematic for a proper cover-up, but does not require the entire series of letters to be removed. This is most likely the best option for you. Schedule a consultation today to find out.

Remove and Replace

Ultimately, you may find out that the lettered, numbered, or charactered tattoo is simply too large and/or elaborate (such as with dramatic sweeping fonts) to be changed via traditional or fading for cover-up methods. If this is the case, we encourage you to choose the best laser tattoo removal service in your locale and have the old tattoo removed and (after healing) replaced with the font you really want.

Can you change the font on a tattoo? Where there’s a will there’s a way at Adrenaline Studios in Vancouver BC and Toronto ON. Schedule your consultation to choose the best course of action.