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Tattoo Ideas for Dads

We covered tattoo ideas for moms in honor of Mother’s Day and now with Father’s Day on the horizon it’s time to look to the other half. Whether you’re a dad, or you’re getting your own pops a tattoo as a gift and want to design the tattoo ahead of time, we’ve laid out some surefire concepts to consider.

5 Tattoo Ideas for Dads That You/They Won’t Regret

I. Daughter

There is an unbreakable bond between father and daughter. A father is her protector, the one to shield her as best he can from all the world tries to challenge her with. Sure, he may overstep, overprotect (no one is ever good enough for her), and embarrass from time to time. That’s the job. She is, and will always be, Daddy’s girl. When it comes to a tattoo concept, her name or a design that symbolizes their relationship is one that a father will never ever regret. Need some specific inspiration? View these five tattoo ideas for dads with daughters. and some advice on where to get it tattooed.

II. Son

A father takes his son under his wing. He teaches him what he knows, passes down knowledge and skills from forefathers before, and hopes to inspire him to become an even better man than he. Like with a daughter, the name or a design that symbolizes the father-son relationship is one that a dad will never ever regret. Of course, placement is also key, so refer to our guide to the three things to consider when deciding where to get a son’s name tattooed. That will also help establish the design (size, tone, etc.).

III. Other Family Concepts

As the patriarch, a father feels a responsibility to carry on family traditions. Getting a tattoo to commemorate representations of these is a great idea. Ideas include the family surname, crest, or coat of arms. Another idea could be a family mantra in the vein of Game of Thrones, albeit something more creative than “Winter is Coming”. Perhaps even a family portrait, but with a fun twist like the ones we have here.

IV. Dad Joke (minus the punchline)

This goes out to those who are getting their dad a tattoo as a gift. Does your father fancy himself as the King of Comedy? Does he blurt out ghastly puns in front of your friends while you roll your eyes, which only eggs him on even more? Then it’s time to tattoo his best/worst dad joke on that dad bod of his! Whether the joke begins with “A priest and rabbi walk into a bar…” or “Knock knock…” he’ll love the idea. Better yet, this concept works best when you leave out the punchline. To the delight of your dad it will invite all who see it to ask what the rest of the joke is. For him, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

V. Favorite Sports Team

Dads and sports. The two go hand-in-hand. Is your father a die-hard fan of a given franchise, even if the team hasn’t been in the playoffs since he carried you in a baby bjorn? if so, then it’s a safe bet as a tattoo he won’t regret.

Tattoo Removal Instead?

Your dad has history. Does he have an old tattoo that you’ve been bugging him about for the last decade? If he agrees that it was from back when he made some questionable choices then you have an alternative idea. Book him a consultation for laser tattoo removal at a studio near him. Instead of outright removal, he can get the old tattoo faded for coverup, which clears up space for one of our suggestions above.

Whether it’s for you (dad) or your pops you can schedule a consultation at Adrenaline Studios tattoo parlors in Vancouver BC or Toronto ON.