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Reopening Tattoo - Celebration Tattoos

You have #onelife to live. We’ll help you take it back, and celebrate it

Freedom is returning to Canada. While BC logically allowed the reopening of personal care services over a year ago, the rest of the country is following suit. Even Big Brother in Ontario has finally succumbed to reason and has allowed Toronto tattoo shops (that abide by all requirements) to accept clients with open arms. Full sleeve, anyone? Other rights are coming back, including travel, gatherings, and the ability to walk into a bank without looking like you’re going to rob it. In response to a return to “normalcy” many people are looking to celebrate with a new tattoo. It makes sense, as major milestones in life are often motivators for tattoos. In true form, we are here with some advice regarding themes that you may consider.

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Tattoo Themes to Consider for Your Post-COVID Reopening Celebration Tattoo

A Tattoo to Celebrate Travel

For 18-months you have been tethered to your city, province, and country. Now that interprovincial and cross-border travel is returning in some shape or form, you could not have picked a better time to honor your wanderlust with a like-themed tattoo. A symbol that is representative of your favorite travel destination (i.e. flag or shape of the island/country, etc.) is a great idea, but perhaps a meaningful quote about travelPick a great one and get it tattooed on one of these spots on your body.

A Tattoo to Celebrate Career Independence

Companies across the country have realized something that people have always known. Going to the office every day of the week, is a massive waste of time. The events of 2020-21 have proven that technology allows a large proportion of the workforce to work remotely. People who have been working remotely over the last 18-months are not only realizing that they don’t need to be shackled to a corporate office environment, they are coming to the realization that they can do what they do, on their own. If you are among those who have (or are about to) enjoy newfound freedom as an independent contractor/freelancer or small business owner then get a tattoo to celebrate it! Better yet, use a tattoo to establish and build your personal brand. Here’s our guide to how a tattoo can boost your independence as an entrepreneur.

Family Love

In some ways we have a spent more time with our families (in shared households) over the last year and a half. But of course, in many other scenarios, we have been kept apart. Now that we’re coming back together, family ties are becoming tighter and those we have taken for granted will never be so ever again. Get a family-themed tattoo to honor this fact. Here are some tattoo ideas for dads, tattoo ideas for moms, and ones for the whole ohana.

Give “It” to the Establishment

No matter what anyone’s position has been on the 2020-21 lockdowns, most agree that the government has overstepped and abused a level authority that many didn’t even realize they had. If there’s one stance that tattoos have always been about, it’s anti-establishment. While you don’t need to tattoo a big fat middle-finger on your back, you can make a statement about the powers-that-be through a variety of statement-making symbols (such as this QR code concept) or one of these impactful quotes. If you believe that there needs to be change in the control that the government exercises in our lives, let your flag fly with a tattoo that tells them how you (and millions of others) feel.

Let Adrenaline Studios be the one to help you celebrate freedom and independence while honoring your passions and loved ones alike. Contact a tattoo shop near you to schedule a consultation.

Note: Adrenaline Studios meets and exceeds current public health and safety requirements. View our COVID-19 Response initiatives.