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Body Positivity Tattoos Vancouver BC

Body positivity, or the body confidence movement, promotes a positive view of all bodies, regardless of size, shape, color, and physical abilities among other criteria. Advocates focus on the appreciation of the functionality and health of the human body, as opposed to assessment of its appearance. We want to draw your attention to the descriptor regarding assessment of appearance. Appearance is not something to be outright dismissed. Of course, this is not in reference to weight, shape, and ethnic skin tone – where prejudices are rooted – but to body art. Let’s be honest, as to answer any query about how to improve body positivity, we must also look towards interventions beyond positive affirmations being spoken in the mirror and into the Universe, For the intents and purposes of our own field, we suggest that you can improve your own body positivity, in part, through tattoos.

Powerful Ways Tattoos Can Improve Your Body Confidence and Positivity

Heals Trauma that Blocks Body Positivity

People who have experienced past trauma generally have issues with self-esteem, especially if the trauma was connected to physical and/or emotional abuse. Numerous bodies of research have shown that tattoos are used as a positive coping mechanism by survivors of traumatic events. We encourage you to reference this University study titled “Therapeutic Aspects of Tattoo Acquisition: A Phenomenological Inquiry into the Connection Between Psychological Trauma and the Writing of Stories into Flesh” for deeper insight. Ultimately, a thoughtful tattoo can help you overcome mental and emotional barriers that have prevented you from enjoying a positive body image.

Provides an Inspiring Reminder of Self-Love

We all need a reminder to remain positive, especially when inundated by negativity that comes from the outside world via the media, random strangers, coworkers, and even friends, family, and supposed loved ones. An inspirational tattoo that reaffirms your commitment to self-love is the tangible resource you need. Concepts and designs that can help achieve this goal include meaningful quotes, a symbol such as a “spirit” animal (wolf, bird, etc.), or something else that inspires strength and confidence like a family coat of arms or sword. Identify the thing that makes you feel empowered and work with a tattooist to come up with a visual representation of that thing. Once it becomes a permanent part of your body, you can look upon it whenever you feel that others are trying to drag you down.

Can Enhance Physical Attributes that You Feel Most Positive About

Highly skilled tattoo artists are able to work with the natural contours of your body with ink colors, hues, shading, and general design to highlight the attributes that you feel most positive about. For instance, tattoos can be used to enhance muscle and tone. Don’t be afraid to communicate this desire to your tattooist.

Can Downplay Physical Attributes that You Don’t (yet) Feel Positive About

Staunch proponents of the body confidence movement may state that you should love everything about your physique. While it’s true that people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities (etc.) are beautiful, it would be ridiculous to suggest that people don’t have attributes that they themselves would prefer to downplay. A skilled tattoo artist can also assist with this. For instance, tattoos can be used to hide stretch marks and scars, and can help those who FEEL as if they are too skinny or overweight.

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