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What to Know About Wrist Tattoos

You were wondering where to get a tattoo, looking for inspiration online, tapping and swiping your smartphone screen when you realized it was there in front of you this whole time – your wrist. Solid plan, but now you want to know if there’s anything particular you need to know about getting a tattoo on your wrist. Like with any part of your anatomy, there is. Let’s review.

5 Practical Things to Know About Getting a Tattoo on Your Wrist

It’s Going to Hurt (but over quickly)

If you have a moderate to low threshold for pain (as most people do) then you’re in for some moderate discomfort. The wrist is comprised of your arms’ carpal bones and the associated soft tissues. The layer of skin and fat that covers them is about as minimal as anywhere else on your body, aside from the top of your feet. The good news, is that since the wrist is small, the tattoo will be small (as per below), and therefore the session will be short and the pain with be fleeting. Hang in there, and you’ll be fine in no time at all.

Aftercare is Even More Important

Your wrist is a high-friction zone. Your favorite long sleeve shirts and jackets brush up against it all day, and it rubs up against the edge of your laptop while plugging away on the keyboard. The wrist is also more susceptible to bacteria given that it’s more exposed to the elements than the fully clothed parts of your body. For these reasons it requires extra-explicit attention to the aftercare instructions provided to you by your tattooist. Follow them to the tee, and then some, until it has fully healed. We also encourage you to follow these tips to keeping your tattoo from fading.

Great for Certain Types of Tattoos

The wrist is obviously prime for a small tattoo, but within that realm it makes a good canvas for other more specific concepts. For one, the wrist is a great place to get text tattooed, such as a name (son or daughter, etc.) or an important date. And if you have a partner that wants to get inked too, you’ll be pleased to know that the wrist is one of the top spots to get a matching tattoo.

Less Susceptible to Body Changes 

One of the big benefits of getting a wrist tattoo is steeped in the fact that the skin is less elastic and body fat is significantly lower along this portion of the forearm. It is therefore less susceptible to body changes that may come in the future, such as significant and sudden weight loss, or weight gain from pregnancy or bodybuilding. There will be no stretching to impact the integrity of the design.

It’s Highly Visible

Obviously. But since it will be seen by pretty much everyone you come across on a daily basis, you want to make sure you receive top quality work. Otherwise you’ll end up with a shoddy job and have to tuck your hands deep in your pockets to avoid embarrassment. Don’t let this happen. Choose one of the most reputable tattoo shops near you. If in Greater Vancouver or Toronto, schedule your consultation at Adrenaline Studios.